This Irradiated life

irradiated life

Today’s proliferation of mobile devices, cell towers, phone masts, wifi, and many other sources of harmful RF radiation, we all face an increasingly irradiated life. Economic Survivor interviewed Amy O’Hair, a US activist battling a radiation epidemic by educating people on related health and privacy issues. Wi-fi, smartphones, tablet computers, cordless phones, smart meters and baby monitors […]

Is the Positive Money campaign actually controlled opposition?

Positive Money campaign wants to get rid of notes and coins

2 FEB 2016 UPDATE! @moneyjourno Digital Cash: A step towards full monetary reform NOT a ban on notes&coins — Positive Money (@PositiveMoneyUK) February 2, 2016 Economic Survivor has previously highlighted the work of the Positive Money campaign for financial and economic change. But an email received today suggests they are either useful idiots or, at best, […]

War on middle class families

child benefit war on middle class families

Even workers on decent incomes are getting hammered by the authorities as the implications of a Child Benefit war on middle class families become clearer. Family households with an earner bringing in an annual income of over £50,000 have had their Child Benefit effectively means-tested since 2013. People in this situation need to register with Her Majesty’s […]

War on cash intensifying

war on cash

Economic Survivor has blogged previously about the current war on cash that’s taking place across the world, and James Corbett of has just produced an excellent round-up video on the same subject. There are many reasons we should be fearful if we lose the war on cash, and Economic Survivor wrote a previous post on […]

Sprayed like bugs

sprayed like bugs

One need not be a hardened conspiracy theorist to wonder if we are being sprayed like bugs whenever we care to look up at our skies. Many of us are old enough remember those precious days in our childhoods when the sky was blue, a yellow sun smiled down on us, and days seemed to […]

How Facebook cashes in

How Facebook cashes in 2

Ever wonder how Facebook cashes in on its users habits to aid advertisers and therefore make money from them? Richard Waters reported today in the Financial Times that Facebook’s mobile advertising on mobile devices (tables, smartphones, etc) “grew to account for 78 per cent of revenues by the third quarter of last year”. Waters further said that […]

Record demand for debt advice


The UK’s government-funded Money Advice Service released figures today showing a record demand for debt advice. Over 12.8 million individuals and families visited the Money Advice Service website between April and December 2015, resulting in 11.6 million actions taken during that period to improve people’s financial situations. MAS saw 33,000 more contacts between October and December 2015 than in the previous […]

European Union makes us poorer

European Union makes us poorer

Is there anyone left who still doubts that the European Union makes us poorer? Well it may be about to get worse! Reuters issued an article today saying Value Added Tax is currently being reconsidered by the  EU Executive. It is reported that “Britain’s right to waive the sales duty on food, medicines and children’s clothing” is about […]

What is the Positive Money campaign about?

positive money

One of the highlights of 2015 was a podcast interview that Economic Survivor recorded with members of the Positive Money campaign. Economic Survivor spoke with Mike Black and Sue Wood early in the summer of 2015. They are active members of Positive Money’s Sheffield branch. This campaign for economic and monetary reform is gaining international attention in these […]

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